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Songs Stuck in Your Head?

Have you ever had that moment whenever you had a song stuck in your head? I know I have. That's what I'm talking about, songs being stuck in your head.

Lets say you have a favorite singer who sings this catchy song you really like and decide to sing it yourself eventually you get really attracted to it and can't stop singing it, you're probably even closing your eyes and dancing to it as well.

This is what happened to me whenever this Christian song was playing and couldn't stop singing, GOSH!!

Even if you don't even like the song you'll still sing it over and over and over again, especially the repetition ones.

In the future they should make a machine that could instantly take away the song stuck in their head and SHAZZAM! It's gone!

Now to wrap this up, what's the song that got stuck in your head recently, if you can, answer in the comments! :)

Alright guys, see ya guys next time!


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