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Stupid Fleas!

So recently I got a cute little kitten that was wondering around the town with no mom or dad, so we decided to keep it! The funny thing is, one or two days earlier when we found the kitten, my little sister said this, "Mom, I want a kitty!" And then, POOF! So we played with her and held her a few times and that just made us even more happy about finding this cute kitten. 

Yesterday when it was very late we noticed that a bunch of fleas were invading our house. My little brother decides to kill the fleas with a hammer and helps out with my mom but there were LOTS more to kill. I even found a few on me when I got in the living room. My mom and dad are planning to call someone to stop the invasion and give the kitten a bath.


Thats all for this entry, I haven't found any fleas today but i'm sure i'll find some.

see ya nextime!




New entrys everyday!

What Should I Do?

Okay so lets start off this entry by saying, "Should I use flipnote studio 3D's worldwide feature?"


I HAD a 3DS but got destroyed by my cousins so I bought the new 3DSXL!








Anyways, so once I got it I went to the eShop and realized that there was a interesting video called, "Flipnote 3D Samples" I started out by saying, "No way! THey probably made flipnotes onto the DSI version into this video." But I was wrong.


When I saw the video I was suprised on how it turned out. I saw green, yellow, purple, (Finnaly we dont have to have blue and red!) and orange. I also saw more than two colors and I THINK  in there Nintendo Direct Mini they showed that there were 3 layers. Speaking of Nintendo Direct Mini, lets get on to what was on the Nintendo Direct Mini!

So it was all about the same stuff I was just talking about BUT at the very end of the video they said that there old flipnote will shut down at May 31, 2013. Now they are currently working on two new services, one thats free, and one thats requires a small monthly fee.


So what should I do? Should I use the services on the new Flipnote Studio 3D? Or stop animating and losing my dreams?


Answer in the comments!




New entrys everyday!

Hello! :3



I'm Zachary and I make animations and play video games! I was on this animation software that lets you animate and share to the world but *Sigh* They eventually ended it so, i'm here now... anyways, I would like to use this blog as a way to keep some of the ladies and gentlemen to hear some the updates and all that other fun stuff. :D


Stay tuned for more entrys in the future!